Friday, April 22, 2016

Bonjour @@


It has been some times since I've last blogged on my old URL. I consider myself a blogger for having six hundreds over blogposts. Upon flashing back those posts, I knew they were lame for goodness sake.

Started blogging 8 years ago when I was sweet thirteen. I was putting much efforts into decorating my blog, promoting/following other bloggers by placing up their URLs on the right side of the webpage and also putting up incredible amount of photos after I owned my first handphone when I was fifteen.

Hectic life and growing mature eventually stops me from writing further. I mean, I don't really write academic stuff or any interesting subjects or beauty (cause I don't even know what I know at that time). At least I did some travelogue tho, but they're still very childish. So yeah, time to omit all these and begin all over.

Why am I here? I am still asking myself while typing this. So, it's because of these few influential beings who visited my currently-attending dental school. They indirectly showed me that life is not all about studies. To be frank, I started being a nerd since I enter this high school so-called "diamond". Anyway, nerd does not = bookworm (I hope I was one but I am too lazy to be defined as one). Being a nerd is not no good but it just limits you from all the happy things in life. Not to say I am not happy but I think I had look into life in a more serious way.

Okay straight to the point. I wish to make things interesting once again although I might not (yet) have the potential. YOLO mann

Anyway, time to sign off, I had guest in my room :) Goodnight world.

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