Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Born and Bread Cafe

Today is not an super ordinary day, neither was it special. 

Waking up later than usual. Actually I think it's super great to have a group of friends who would walk to the bus station together every single morning. It actually gave me motivations to wake earlier because I had to bear in mind that I should not delay others and make them late too. Unlike previous years, now I could wake before the sun rises, for normal days. It's a very simple day because all classes and clinics were short, simple, and I was only being the assistant for my partner. 

I still had time to chill a while in the room before having a friend coming over to fetch me. I don't know if anyone feels this, I feel I might be too dependent when it comes to transport but these friends of mine just never stop offering. All three of them who are going in different vehicles offers (of course I didn't pick) but it's the usual person who come because he's so good in directions here.They are the one who send me home till lift lobby and left only when they see me goes into the lift. 

Here comes the 静思语/Jing Si Aphorism by Master Cheng Yen. I have to thank my xuejie for sharing these with me every single morning but I have to reply late at times because I need some time to slowly translate and digest these words. 





My interpretation/extractions (it may be different than above): 
Our life is something as valuable as precious sunlight till infinity. Of course it shouldn't be judged by anyone. But it's defined by how we live it. Really, it's so undeniably true. Besides, a happy life doesn't mean having lots of money, having a handsome boyfriend, nor having surrounded by pools of friends. In fact, physical health and mental happiness is the truth in life (this is deep!). 

Back to the title of the day, today I went to Born and Bread cafe which is located along Jalan Tun Razak beside Pekeliling. Yes, the reason why I pick this cafe for our tea time is because it's near to my campus (felt super guilty after that because all three of my friends had to drive over because of my choice). It was raining heavily and we shot across to PWTC because I forgot that the highway near the Titiwangsa monorail does not allow car to exit. So if anyone happen to go there, do not take the fly-overs, instead take the lower pathway crossing the round-abouts. Parking-wise it's fine but still we had some difficulties in securing a space (probably because his car is pretty lengthy). 

The interior design was done moderately, it actually looks good on photos better than in real life. At the time we went, there's only a choice of cake - chocolate walnut. We ordered the salad with ice lemon tea, fries, Matcha Latte, Cappucino and Mocha. Overall the meals were nice, fries portion priced at only RM7.90 were great for four too. However, the coffee ranges does disappoint Wilson as the taste of chocolate is too heavy, camouflaging the aroma of coffee for the Mocha, causing it to taste more like Hot Chocolate. The Matcha Latte priced at RM14 didn't impress me that much either, it tastes kinda bare, few grades lower than Starbucks. However, the ambience is excellent with good choices of songs, great for gatherings! 

Great artworks on the Cappucino and Mocha. This is camera-friendly! 

Because the boys were busy playing with my SnapChat and spamming others' Instagram, we ended up not taking any photos around the cafe, big ouch! However, for more photos, can refer to @bornandbreadkl on Instagram! It's a new humble cafe! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bonjour @@


It has been some times since I've last blogged on my old URL. I consider myself a blogger for having six hundreds over blogposts. Upon flashing back those posts, I knew they were lame for goodness sake.

Started blogging 8 years ago when I was sweet thirteen. I was putting much efforts into decorating my blog, promoting/following other bloggers by placing up their URLs on the right side of the webpage and also putting up incredible amount of photos after I owned my first handphone when I was fifteen.

Hectic life and growing mature eventually stops me from writing further. I mean, I don't really write academic stuff or any interesting subjects or beauty (cause I don't even know what I know at that time). At least I did some travelogue tho, but they're still very childish. So yeah, time to omit all these and begin all over.

Why am I here? I am still asking myself while typing this. So, it's because of these few influential beings who visited my currently-attending dental school. They indirectly showed me that life is not all about studies. To be frank, I started being a nerd since I enter this high school so-called "diamond". Anyway, nerd does not = bookworm (I hope I was one but I am too lazy to be defined as one). Being a nerd is not no good but it just limits you from all the happy things in life. Not to say I am not happy but I think I had look into life in a more serious way.

Okay straight to the point. I wish to make things interesting once again although I might not (yet) have the potential. YOLO mann

Anyway, time to sign off, I had guest in my room :) Goodnight world.